Good Government Requires VISION, PASSION & DISCIPLINE

Fred’s Common-Sense Conservative VISION for Johnston County

Leadership requires a VISION with outstanding CLARITY and unwavering FOCUS

  • Public Safety is Priority One. The most fundamental duty of government is to provide safe streets, safe homes, and safe schools.
  • Education: Fred Smith believes ALL Johnston County students are entitled to an educational opportunity that levels the playing field so they are competitive, productive and equipped to enter the workforce or continue their education in college. As your County Commissioner, Fred will address the financial challenges facing our school system by working to: (1) Ensure that our County’s contribution to the school system is at least equal to the state average per student; (2) Provide funding to build schools and eliminate mobile classrooms.
  • Quality Growth: Fred Smith envisions maintaining Johnston County as a place where people enjoy a high quality of life and are proud to call home. As your County Commissioner, Fred will support intelligent, thoughtful rules and regulations that protect our quality of life, uphold private property rights, and allow longstanding farms and new development to coexist.
  • Effective, Efficient Government: Government should focus on its core priorities, do them well, and not try to be all things to all people. Every dollar spent should bring value and improve the lives of our citizens. As your County Commissioner, Fred Smith will work hard to ensure that every single tax dollar is used wisely.
  • Fair Taxes: County government should only tax as much of your hard-earned money as absolutely necessary to perform its key function. As your County Commissioner, Fred Smith will fight to keep taxes as low as possible.

VISION: “If we do not know where we want to go as a county, then any road will take us there.”


“I’m passionate about serving as a County Commissioner for a number of reasons. Johnston County is my home, and I want to leave it better than I found it. My grandchildren are being raised here, and I want them to enjoy living in Johnston County as much as I have. I am in a position in my life where I can answer the call to public service as your County Commissioner to lead Johnston County to become an extraordinary place to live. County Commissioners deal with real issues that affect real people, and I believe I have the experience and knowledge to have a positive impact as a proven leader. I promise the citizens of Johnston County that I will not be bullied into doing anything that is not in the best interest of all citizens of Johnston County.” - Fred


Government should do things for citizens that it can do best and do them well. Government powers should be carefully limited, and its goals clear and direct. Government should adopt these rules:

  • Take only the amount of the people’s money that is necessary.
  • Always ask “Is this a proper function of government?” before taking action.
  • If action is necessary, have the discipline to develop clear goals and competent plans before taking action.
  • Have the courage to stick to the necessary functions of government and to say “NO” when an action is not a necessary function of government.